== Overview == Banksy is a British based graffiti/street artist who is also well known for his political activism and directing. One of the appeals of Banksy is his subversive nature - his identity is not publicly known and his graffiti and street art is notorious for being satirical and critical of society. == Career == Banksy began his career as an artist in 1990 - 1994. Initially he did a lot of freehand graffiti before transitioning to a lot of stencil-based street art. Stenciling allowed for Banksy to create his art a lot faster, he got the idea to begin stenciling while "hiding from the police underneath a rubbish lorry, when he noticed the stenciled serial number" [1]. Because of how much faster he could create his artwork using stencils, Banksy gained notoriety because his art was all over Bristol and London. Thematically, Banksy's artwork was typically anti-war, anti-establishment or anti-capitalist - he is an artist that is very critical of society. Since 2001, Banksy has held a number of exhibitions showcasing his art as well as teaming up with other big names in the street art world such as Shepard Fairey. In 2010 Banksy put out the film Exit Through the Gift Shop which was nominated for the 2010 Oscar for best documentary [2]. == Notable Works == Some notable pieces Banksy has created:
These are some very recognizable pieces by Banksy and they share a similar aesthetic - stencils that are realistic as well as having a sort of "distressed" feel to them. The images also share elements that are common to Banksy: they deal with some sort of criticism of society, racism, or are anti-war/establishment. == References == # #