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"Everything is a Remix" by Kirby Ferguson is a four-part video series in which he claims that the ultimate driver of progress in the arts, technology, and society is borrowing from others. Ferguson believes that everything is a remediation of existing material, e.g. music, film, etc. Ferguson's concepts of "copy, transform, and combine" help to convey his message that it is nearly impossible to create something without drawing inspiration from something else; in some cases, people will directly sample existing material in the process of creating their own.

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"Perhaps it's because movies are so massively expensive to make; perhaps it's because graphic novels, tv shows, video games, and the like are such rich sources of material; or perhaps it's because audiences just prefer the familiar. Whatever the reason, most box office hits rely heavily on existing material." In this part of the series, "Remix Inc.", Ferguson describes how 74 out of 100 of the top 10 grossing films over the past decade were either sequels, remakes, or adaptations of comic books, video games, books, etc. Films are also built on other films and not just the aforementioned sources. Ferguson describes many specific references that Star Wars makes to pre-existing films. He states that "George Lucas collected materials, he combined them, he transformed them. Without the films that preceded it there could be no Star Wars. Creation requires influence; everything we make is a remix of existing creations, our lives, and the lives of others."

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3 Pirates of the Caribbean sequels based on the original film, which was based off of a theme park attraction

Transformers movies, based on an animated tv show, which was based on a line of toys

Star Wars follows the monomyth, with themes like "The call to adventure", "Supernatural Aid", "The Belly of the Whale", "The Road of Trials", "The Meeting of the Goddess", and many more.

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