This page is a stub for original pieces of work like paintings.

Definition Edit

An original work is something constructed by a person or people that is unique and doesn't rely heavily on outside sources. A piece of original work shows creativity, individuality, and is distinguishable from the crowd. An original work could be a film, song, story, painting, sculpture etc. What matters is that it is a creation coming from the mind of one person or the minds of many working as a team.

Value: Edit

Often times, having a work be original is seen as more valuable then something that is copied. Whether it be a song, a painting or a sculpture, people around the world want to know that the work has not been plagiarized or copied. The creation of the internet allows for fact checking to make sure that people are not taking other peoples work and are actually being creative and original. When something new becomes really popular, like a new movie or song, it gets a lot of praise if it is completely original, increasing its value to the people viewing or listening.