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Overview Edit

Publicity is gaining attention through the media.  This is essential to WAM because publicity is taken on through various media platforms.  

Definition and History Edit

Publicity is defined as attention given from the media to a person, people, or things. Publicity attracts the public attention.  Publicity can be positive or negative and paid or unpaid for.  "the dissemination of information or promotional material." [1]

Publicity existed even before the term publicity and the public relations field existed.  People have always given certain people or things attention, and the act of publicity has always been around.  Publicity essentially happens whenever a person or thing is talked or written about, brought into the spotlight, etc.  

Edward Bernays is the father of public relations, and is studied across all marketing related fields such as advertising, public relations, etc. Bernays became famous for his work for President Woodrow Wilson and the founding of the Committee on Public Information, which would sell WW1 to the American people.  Bernays combined psychology and using the media in order to create public opinion.  Therefore, he mastered publicity in the sense that he tailored what was being said according to the audience and how to get the audience to act the way he, or his client, wanted.  Another example of work that Bernays was behind is gaining support for women's cigarette smoking.  In the 1920s,  Bernays staged women models in a parade smoking Lucky Strikes.  This was unheard of at the time, and would result in changing the public's perception.  The publicity surrounding this event would make the public support women smoking, just like men.  [2]

Publicity is one way to create and use public opinion as a form of marketing.  

Examples Edit

Publicity is a concept and a term used by John Berger in his Ways of Seeing Part 4- John Berger. Publicity is the act of showing a new more improved lifestyle that once can achieve through a purchase.

Publicity and Business Edit

Publicity is a major aspect of businesses, in regards to advertising and selling and/or distributing goods and services. Without publicity, the public would not be informed as to what a particular business does, which, in turn, would disallow businesses from sufficiently running.

Publicity in a business can cost-effectively:

  • Build awareness about your products/services, expertise and people
  • Drive prospects to your website
  • Drive participation in a promotion or event
  • Educate the market about problems your company can solve
  • Create an ongoing dialogue with the market[3]

Resources and Further Reading Edit

Book: "Biography of an Idea: Memoris of Public Relations Counsel Edward L. Bernays" (1965) 

Edward Bernays is the father of PR.  He combined psychology and marketing, and targeted the public through various forms of publicity.  

[Advertisers Used World War I to Sell, Sell, Sell ]

World War I was sold to the American people in order to gain support for the war effort, and to ultimately help America win.  

[in an age of publicity]

Privacy.  Where is the line in terms of publicity?  What is fair to make public? What should remain private?  

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