Type Face/Fonts Edit

Section headings: Heading, capitalize appropiatelyy, and in bold

Content: Paragraph

Examples: Sub-Heading 2 and in bold (make sure to include a colon next to your sub-heading)

Definitions: when you provide definitions on your page, make sure to underline and bold the word you are defining

Citations: all of your works cited should have the heading "citations". Please only use "sources" as the header when you are not actually doing a formal citation and just attaching links where you found information that would be helpful to the reader.

Image Guide Edit

Captions: make sure to have your intended caption actually attached to the image. Do not manually write your caption below or above the image. To make a caption, double-click on the image and a caption menu will pop up and then you can create your caption.

Wrap text around images: if you have a lot of text (not including your caption), please try to wrap it around the image.

What not to do: Edit

This is my cat named Fluffy.

1622513 1427573420853695 8809153728817130922 o

What you should do: Edit

1622513 1427573420853695 8809153728817130922 o

This is my cat named Fluffy.

Example Layout Edit

Here is how to apply the style guide to your wiki page.

Example 1: Edit

Make sure to always use "Section headings" to categorize your main points and "Sub-Heading 2" for your ideas that you want to include within your main points. To see a great example of what your page should look like, check out affordances. This page is well-organized and thoroughly utilizes section headings. I also like how it has a table of contents at the top to guide the reader which is automatically created by using headings.

Definition: Remember to always underline and bold the word you are defining, unless you are planning to attach a stub or link.