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Twitter is a social network site created by CEO Jack Dorsey and former Odeo employees with a focus on brief status updates and media sharing.

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Twitter was founded in March 2006 by a group of employees, led by Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass, participating in a hack-a-thon for the now-defunct podcasting company Odeo. "Twttr", as it was designated in its infancy, was a platform through which a text message could be broadcasted to one's friends by sharing the message with just one number, effectively an SMS-based prototype of the modern incarnation. After failing to impress Odeo's board with their project, CEO Evan Williams proceeded with a buyback of the company from its investors and invested heavily in new projects, including Twitter, under a new company name. In 2007, Twitter spun off into its own company and began to experience rapid growth by 2010, allowing it to become one of the foremost online social networks in the 2010s.[1]

Twitter allows users to follow other users and broadcast short messages of 140 characters or less to their own followers. Users can also share images and video either directly on the platform or through other sites like sister site Vine.

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