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In Wysocki's "The Multiple Media of Texts: How Onscreen and Paper Texts Incorporate Words, Images, and Other Media," she addresses the different aspects and production of texts. Through analysis of the design and composition of various media, Wysocki demonstrates the multiple components of text design. Wysocki makes several assumptions about visual elements and representations and uses this chapter to give examples and empirical evidence supporting each one. In addition, she uses a rhetorical approach to explain the different concepts surrounding the fusion of text and images in modern media texts. While she mostly explains the aesthetics of texts and images and the mixture of the two, she also explains the common intuition behind the psychology of seeing text accompanied with images.   

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Wysocki details the formatting of texts, images, sounds and even videos when describing different typefaces, font sizes, shapes, and colors. The rest of the chapter covers the main concepts that Wysocki draws from her assumptions:

  • The visual presentation of a page or screen gives you an immediate sense of its genre.
  • All page/screen-based texts are (therefore) visual and their visual elements and arrangements can be analyzed.
  • The visual elements and arrangements of a text perform persuasive work.
  • Attitudes toward the visual aspects of texts change over time.
  • The visual aspects of text are (therefore) to be understood not simply in terms of physiology, but also in terms of social context.
  • Composing a visual text (thus) involves choosing strategies for shaping what is on a page or screen to direct a reader/viewer/browser’s attentions, within the context of other texts.

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Different Typefaces:


How shapes affect a webpage:

Webpage sample
The use of solid colored shapes assist in the differentiatation what is and is not clickable. The curved edges of the shapes have a 50's car fin shape that is supposed to appeal to people who believe techo-nostalgia is hip.

Technical illustrations:

Technical Illustration

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